Thursday, August 28, 2008

A little about how we got here!

We've been married for almost 37 years (our anniversary is September 4). We started dating when we were 15 years old, got married 4 years later and our oldest daughter, Laura, was born 15 months later, Matthew followed 2 1/2 years later and Ashlea in just 13 months. So we were quite a busy young couple with a lot of responsibilities at very young ages.

Having our family early and so young definitely has advantages. Here we are at 56 years old and our children are all happily married with families of their own. Laura is married to Tim Rogers from Wisconsin and they have two charming children, Addison- 9 and Whitman- 5. Matt is married to Amy Evilsizor from Ohio and they have three adorable little ones, Natalie-4, Nicole - 2 1/2 and Isaac- 1 (today). Happy Birthday, Baby I!!!! Ashlea is married to Tom Dalik from New Jersey and they have 2 precious little guys, Teddy- almost 4 and Tyler- almost 2. We are very blessed!!

We find ourselves at a place in life that many people find enviable. Our family needs us but in a completely different way than before and so we are free to "Live our Lives Backwards". Our approach to living backwards is to rid ourselves of most stuff. We have sold or given away lots of furniture, china, our boat, car payments, and even our house.

We house shared with Ashlea and her family for about 14 months. Then we moved into a low income apartment complex to serve as community coordinators/chaplains and now we are moving on to the next exciting adventure in our journey.

Craig was given the opportunity to "accept" a buy-out from Kodak, the company he has been working with the past 9 years and we decided the timing was good. For months we have had a two week vacation planned for Walt Disney World. This is a trip we usually take in September to celebrate our wedding anniversary at one of our favorite places. Our plan is to return home from Disney, move into our new apartment the next weekend, attend a birthday party for 2 of our grandsons, attend our great-niece's 1st birthday party the next weekend in Conyers, GA and leave the next day, October 12, for a trip we have dreamed about for over 30 years!!!