Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Its been a long, long time...

Craig writes:
So much for keeping this blog updated with current info on our lives!  Its been a while since we recorded anything so a brief but not comprehensive recap would include:

We moved from the Rosewood area of Columbia back over to Irmo for a year then decided to move back into town again.  The apartments where Laura and family lives had an opening across the hall from them so we took a two bedroom apartment on Saluda Street and now are neighbors with Laura, Tim, Addie and Whit!  It's great to have them so close and enjoy meals, coffee and just hanging out together.

My work continues to go well and I continue to enjoy it even with all of the traveling involved.  We recently returned from a cruise that went to Cozumel, Mexico - Belize City, Belize - Roatan Island, Honduras and Georgetown, Grand Cayman Island.  Has a great time with Ashlea, Tom, Teddy and Tyler as we discovered new places and visited a children's orphanage ministry in Honduras.  After leaving the ship in Tampa I got sick on the way home and we ended up staying in Palm Coast, Florida for the night.  Becky then got sick(er) but we made it back to Columbia Monday afternoon, went straight to a Minit Clinic, got $350 worth of medicine and came home to recover from the flu (Becky) and bronchitis (Craig)!

Thanksgiving this year was observed at Cathy and Bobby's house and we had most of the family able to attend.  Ashlea's family and Addie had traveled to Delaware to visit Tom's parents and then do some sight seeing around D.C. and Philadelphia.

Our search for a "church fellowship" continues.  We got a lead from Matthew this week about a pastor in Columbia that had been involved with Grace Ministries in Charlotte so will be contacting him to see about getting together.

More to some point!